Book & Lyrics by Lauren Gundrum        Music & Lyrics by Alex Ratner



Congratulations! You've won a free trip to Snowflake Island, an exclusive haven for all you overworked Millennials out there. Come enjoy a cyber-tastic taste of the future: our hovercrafts take you wherever you'd like to go, our drones deliver your dry cleaning, and -- new this year -- meet Thingamabob ("Bob" for short), a robot specially engineered to serve you! Inspired by the "Land of Toys" in The Adventures of Pinocchio, (a.k.a. "Pleasure Island" in Disney's Pinocchio), Snowflake Island imagines a dystopia built on the technology of tomorrow, exploring our (in)ability to form real connections from the perspective of a robot longing to be real himself.

Snowflake Island is currently in development through the BMI Musical Theatre Writing Program.